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I'd be there, but the lovely State Farm insurance hasnt made any attempt to make good on their red light running driver.

That, and as well, there may be another issue with my attendance, so y'alll POST UP SOME PIX DAMMIT!

I'm trying to figure out which way to go with this...........knowing you, I figure you'd not like the "poor ole me" thing. ( I've heard you say it)

In my book you're a good man Robert. You've always given more than you asked for. I remember the little girl you and your club were helping. Then there's Anna. Doesn't matter what you gathered over the years.........when it comes down to it, it's the lives you've touched. We're all just waiting our turn.

You'll be with us one way or the other........and we'll share photos.

Take care my friend.........Gordon in NC