Boy o boy the 2nd half of 2021 is really flying past- me, at least. We got busy at the end of July as Entertainment "returned" after 1.5 years... things are slowing down somewhat but 2022 will be here before we know it. And next year is scheduled to be the busiest year ever in concerts and shows- and with the Rock Lititz complex growing rapidly, there is more work locally than ever before!

I had hoped to get some distance riding in this fall yet. After week at the beach with my siblings - first time we've ever really hung out together(!!) and next week at The Race Of Gentlemen... I might be hard pressed to justify another few days of romping about the east vast on my mo'sickle.

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Also 100 days left of 2021.
My planned 100.100.100 ride got cancelled, more health crap.
Ah well always next year thumbsup


Been thinking a lot about you lately, wondering how you're faring these days. Hope you are feeling better than back on day 100 of this year.

I guess I have to admit that now, near the end of September, Autumn is almost here for real. I'm holding onto Summer tightly, as I always do this time of year. Even tho the summers have gotten hotter, I still love it- my favorite season. It ain't fall in my book. Not YET.

Ah well the seasons pass, as all things do.
Hello to yourself AND to Marie, from Miss C & me.