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I had a similar situation recently. I changed the shock hub rubbers and it's gone now.

Thanks DavidP. I did fail to inspect these when I was in there and I'm sure they are original. Somehow it doesn't make sense that this would cause rapid engagement but I may have a look-see and change these out in the process. -Brian

edit; How difficult was it to change them out? Where did you buy yours?
bad rubbers can cause the cush drive to skew as it compresses .
Rather than just compressing and rebounding , the hub in action , adds a bid of "wonk"
in an area without much room to spare to begin with .
( once the rubbers are taken out )
a really bad cush drive will show gouging on the backing plates
where the spider arms rubs troughs .( hardened metal sliding against hardened metal )
At some point replacing the rubbers isn't good enough .