It should be no surprise there is a broad range of expectations and sensibilities represented on this forum. I like to think any bike I own would carry me anywhere I want to go in this world but others will not venture out on a vintage machine any further than they can push back home. To each their own.

As to what to carry along; experience tends to influence choices. I have read accounts of people who rode around the world on vintage bikes ("One Man Caravan" '30s era Douglas for example) and experienced nothing worse than a failed light bulb. That's not my experience. I have a '61 MSS Velocette I have done over 100K miles on and I know and trust it. Still, on a solo trip to Canada from Southern California, in the middle of the desert on a hot day, a recently rebuilt magneto failed. Sure glad I was carrying a spare and was able to install it as the situation was close to dire.

So, make your choices and choose your kit. The bottom line is (to paraphrase Dirty Harry) "Feel lucky Punk?".