I understand your worries but what you need is a comfy motorcycle. If you never changed the throttle wire, well; possibly that would fail so if your bike has good service and you have new electrics; chains etc (if not is crazy to take a long trip anyway) you do not need most of that stuff. Even more if you ride not so fast.
You need the screwdrivers wrenches etc to take off the parts to change the throttle cable and adjust few nuts; bulbs; a puncture spray and not so many more things.

-Few years ago a young British fella with his gal rode from Mexico to here (Uruguay) on a mid 60s BSA; do not know how many km but at least 16000-18000km! They only had a puncture in Bolivia and a problem with the transmission in South Brazil (where they connected to a forum, may be this one, to ask for help on how that thing could be dismantled)

Before this lock of borders here; I did a 1500km trip with one of my bikes (79) and the problem that I had was with the stupid external oil filter (a thing installed by PO) that almost seized the engine; but if was stock, never would happened and I was riding with a new bike besides, so we rode at strong speeds.