Well, just got back from a chilly meeting. (for us soft Queenslanders anyway!)
3 races Saturday, 2 wins and a second.
3 races Sunday 1 win 1 3rd and one did not finish, he broke his lanyard and
the motor obviously died.
He was struggling as the motor was only the 650 and he was up against the big norton and the triumph again.
Also found the battery was flat after his 3rd finish.
Had fitted a new rear tyre which was way to big in overall diameter and it upset the bikes geometry by a mile.
Still, he is happy with the baby engine as his lap times were only 0.6sec slower than the 740.
It will make a very usable spare engine. Gearbox was spot-on too.
Would have been nice to have time to have set the carb up properly as it was fluffing at lower rpm, i think
the acc pump jets are a bit small. Seems a bit more difficult to get it right with this engine than the larger one.
State titles at Morgan Park in early September next up.
Found a dyno not too far away and are booking some time, hoo-bloody-rayyyyy finally.