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Hi Kev,

Glad to hear you have sorted the clutch problem out.

With regards to your new alloy chain wheel, I fitted one to my 66 Spitfire 11 years ago when I completely rebuilt it. It was from a reputable company. Did all the necessary chain alignments etc, new 7 plate upgrade etc. After 3500 miles I got a slight noise from the primary area which increased as the mileage increased. When I drained the oil it was a strange metallic colour. Stripped the primary down and found that the alloy chain wheel around the inner teeth had worn at the side by at least 10 thou. All the worn away alloy had contaminated the oil so had now buggered the new chain and buggered the thrust washer
along with the rollers. Spoke to the late Ian Bell who used to race these lovely engines in his sidecar (long before he raced Yamaha engine sidecars) and he told me that this was a well known fault with alloy chain wheels and the racers used to replace them every year. He told me to go and buy a nice new original steel one and put that in. I followed his advice and so far after another 10000 miles I have had no problems what so ever. I hope the new alloy chain wheels are built and engineered better than the one I had and the ones Ian told me about, but I would recommend you check the colour of the oil on a regular basis, it works out cheaper that way.

Hope I haven't put you off having one installed as I'm sure they are far better these days. Mine was anodised a grey colour and it did look good..

All the best



Hi Keith,

Thanks for the information regarding the alloy chain wheel.

Hopefully my alloy chain wheel will be ok but I will certainly bear in mind what you have said and keep a close eye on things.

I won't be doing a great deal of mileage on the bike. I would imagine it will be less than 4000 miles a year and quite possibly much less than that.

I'm strictly a fair weather rider now and personally I get as much enjoyment out of rebuilding and renovating, as I do riding these days.

Take care.

Cheers, Kev E