All forgiven, Bill. Get it ready for Michigan.
Had a good day Saturday. Took wins on both bikes. Almost prefer to not talk about Sunday.... Bumped the B50 into 500 Sportsman. Then allowed my throttle hand to write a check that the bike couldn't cash. A bit too much throttle coming out of a left turn ended in a lowside. Then had a coil bracket fail on the 650.

Mark, Any European 650 pre 1970. Triton etc, ok. Stock frames only. Exhaust below footpegs. No disc brakes but 71 conical is legal. Stock look is specified but most use clubman type seats. Max .040 overbore, max 32mm carbs, Concentric or "period" carbs. I have VM's and so far nobody has protested. 4 speed gearbox or 5 speed restricted to 4. Pretty much anything internally is fine as long as the carb and overbore is adhered to. My Triumph is tuned fairly mildly. I have some well designed 10.5 pistons, stock cams, 750 intake, and a 4 plug head. It starts making good power at about 4.5k and doesn't turn off till I do, usually about 7200.