Hi Tony,

Spoke with Bransden; your emails received Thursday and Sunday; at least one of the tech. guys is an employee, so entitled to paid holiday, he happened to be off Thursday and Friday; similar to JH, Bransden get a lot of tech. emails every day, the other tech. guy(s) just didn't get to your Thursday email before Friday; as with a lot of companies, Bransden are only open Monday-Friday.

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the setting of the advance curves starts when the chip his programed before assembly and potting. There is no way to to reprogram the chip after the unit is potted.
nothing on the Boyer website explaining that, this is a quote from the website......
Ye-ea-ah ... but the quote doesn't say it's user-programmable either ...

I would respectfully point out that, like a lot of written stuff Bransden produces, it's written by techies; ime, I've seen wa-aa-ay worse written by techies chosen for their techie ability, not their English-writing ability; that's pretty good English for a techie, just too open to interpretation for clarity ...

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I put in a points set up and altered the advance rate and total advance to get the results I wanted. Then I figured to replace it with an EI having the same rate and total advance...
Another learning experience, another item to hang on the wall of shame,
Why not just ask Bransden, if you supply your points advance rate and total advance, and return the unused MicroPower box, would they program you one?

Btw, I also talked to Al Osborn for you. When you tested your Rita, I know you posted you'd tested the resistance across the 5PU trigger unit; with it all connected and ignition switch on, did you try waving a magnet near the 5PU and see if that generated a spark at the plug?