Disagree---the half width front brake is much better than the later full width Ariel or BSA front brakes.
"Back in the day" sidecar racers used to take two of them , machine the hubs and weld them back to back to have a double brake.
They were great on a road race outfit.
I had the half width brake on a 1954 A7 Shooting Star.
Coming down to Cregg-Ny-Baa on the Mountain Course on the Isle of Man in 1967 with friends (we had been energetically riding the course) a friend came alongside me and motioned to stop for a drink.
We pulled into the Cregg-Ny-Baa Hotel at the bottom of the hill, parked up and went inside for a pint (or two----).
We had only been inside for a couple of minutes when a guy came rushing in and said "Whose is the BSA A7 in the car park?-- it is on fire".
I rushed outside to find smoke from the grease in the front hub rising into the air!

Tony--set up the brake properly as I know you will do and I dont think that you will be disappointed in it.
Just my two cents worth of course.