Thanks guys. I'm not sure I've ever been so stoked over any bike ever.

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It probably "survived" because it's a single-carb bike.

First owner may have been someone who just enjoyed riding, not a 'hot rod" type.

Honestly, I think it spent most of its life sitting- not being ridden. It has I think 5500 miles on it.
Most of that was probably owner number 1.
Owner 2 may have ridden it some, but had it in a basement for something like 40 years.
Owner number 3 (current seller) had it since June 2008- he told me he MIGHT have put 300 miles on it.

Sleepy time is OVER, time to wake this bad boy up. It'll be a sweet companion to my 1966 Triumph Thunderbird which is currently in Beno Rodi's shop. Pennsyltuckey back roads will be absolutely perfect for Old Blue.

SO right away I have a couple things- one is there's a hole that I THINK rusted into the bottom of the R side muffler. I hesitate to change a single muffler out- MAYBE I can find a pair of NOS or some top-grade new mufflers that are an exact match for the year & model? Can I use JB Weld or something similar to patch the hole?