Thanks guys. Although I didnt look at the frame to see what was stamped there, I have every reason to believe the bike is completely unmolested. I'll bring the bike home tomorrow and will get it out in full daylight for a serious photo session. Expect excellent pix later tomorrow.

The bike absolutely presents as a total and true "survivor". IMO this is a word that is misused and overused. A word I personally wouldNOT use unless I felt it was 100% appropriate. Near as I can tell, everything is there. There are no dents, no dings, barely any scratches on the bike!

OK this just in- I am messaging back n forth in [email protected] messenger with Andy Lorenz. The bike was apparently dispatched 16 March 1966 to New Jersey.

SO close to the day!

I have been looking at this for a couple weeks. The guy had really [email protected] photos of it. He uploaded MUCH better pix tho and I could really see what the bike looked like. I called immediately.