A bit of an update, leg is getting much, much better but a week last Saturday I had an allergic reaction to the new type of paracetamol I was taking and promptly exploded all over in urticari (hives) of the not pleasant type. Now I've never had to take paracetamol in my life, odd but true, as I don't get headaches etc and for aspirin has always fixed anything else. Luckily the antihistamine has sorted all that out but we live and learn. Like I never want that again! Apparently, a couple of weeks of taking paracetamol meant it built up in my body and the super duper Panadol was the straw that broke the camel's back as it were.
Anyway, the fractured fibula is healing up nicely and I'm back to hobbling around. I'm really looking forward to riding my motorcycles now though. laughing