Nick, I've found it to be just the opposite, though I've only owned the one A65 and my first Triumph was a T150V.
I can set all six valves on my Trident in less time than it takes to remove the rocker cover from my OIF A65. And don't get me started on how much less trouble it is to get into the gearbox on a Triumph, or how much y'all spend to make the crank get enough oil.
There's good and bad in all of them. I always dreamed of designing an engine with the good ideas from all of them.
BTW: I haven't noticed much difference in the vibration between the two twins. I have noticed that the lamps don't last very long on the A65, Could be a balance issue, neither have been rebalanced since they left the factory and the A65 is +0.060. I really don't care for either one on the motorway.

In any case, two coils replaced and the bolts thread properly, two more to be installed.