I suffered a fractured left heel and broken foot after being hit head on by a truck and trailer. Took 3 months before I could walk properly, kicking the bike with either leg is not a problem but lifting it onto the centre stand can make me wince. Its now over 10 years and I suffer from quite a lot of pain especially when winter sets in. When I spoke to the surgeon at the hospital, he told me that, especially with heel fractures they can cause more issues by opening them up and that I would simply have to put up with what ever the end result was. I've managed to get back into see a specialist at the end of this month to try for a better outcome.

Long and short, if you feel things are not going your way then kick up a fuss early and lay it on with a trowel. Whilst it may not seem very manly to complain about pain it is better to carry on life without it!