Couple of things ... Get the leg strength up, and the balance optimized. I found that I had let the muscle that lets you walk down stairs get weak, and it was making my ability to hold up a bike wobbly.

Stand on a step (hold on to something). Step down to the next step, just touch your heel to it, and then bring your foot back up to where it started.

If that's hard, then you're going to be wobbly on a bike. First time a therapist told me to do it, I couldn't even come back up, which is when I knew that I'd let it go too far. It's an easy workout to do, doesn't need equipment, you can do it anywhere. Problem is that it's frustrating and you get sore fast, but that's how you know it's working.

As far as kicking, the electric leg is good (it's the only thing that will get my 850 Norton going). But when I get to where I can't kick a big 4-stroke, I'm going to a 2-stroke twin. Nothing's easier to kick than a two-stroke twin (or triple, if you fancy Kawasakis) under 500cc, and there's a lot of them I like; I can relive my first years on a bike, and a RD400 Yamaha will do anything I ever want to do on a bike even today.

And to fix the root cause of the current problem, we're getting too old to be climbing damn ladders. That's what grandchildren, the neighbor kids, or the handyman down t'road are for!