Trevor ..........councils here dont do a dam thing other than check if the barking dog is registered so they can get money !

Had one inconsiderate **tch who lived in a state house , where the rules are NO DOGS! .....the council , housing, authorities, SPCA noise control etc did nothing about her HUNTAWAY ....large energetic working dog .....that she kept chained up outside 24/7 naturally it went round the bend and barked at nothing incessantly

Best strategy i did find was get the owners landline number , have it on speed dial and every time their barking mongrel woke me i woke them ...of course i introduced myself as anonymous phone calls at 3am are cowardly

" your **cken dog wakes me ..i wake you i politely explained"

eventually they got the message after a Pacific Island fellow strode onto their place and thrashed the dog and offered them the same , a very generous offer i thought!