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My plumber is a guy named Victor...

He's made a good living all these years, he has hundreds of friends, NO ONE is bad-mouthing him. I don't know why more people can't be like that unless it's just love of the almighty dollar...

I'm all for folks bettering themselves, working hard, charging what the market will bear (depending on what "bear" means - in this case it means that very many people use plumbers as a prime example of overcharging barstewards), and all that.

I worked hard myself, and I COULD have made a lot more money if I had moved somewhere where opportunities were better and salaries were higher, but where I'd have been miserable with a lower quality of life, and IF I had spent time away from my family to a degree that would have hurt them and me. I like making money, but not that badly .... !

Sounds like a lot of folks here have made those same compromises.