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The general consensus is that the cheap side stand's are best avoided . If your bike falls over and damages the tank then how much does it cost to repair or replace
The bolt on clamps are not that great , its best to braze the rear part to the frame once you have the angle set
The frame tubes are quite thin walled so arc welding can cause problems


the tubes of the frame arnt that thin but yeah unless you are good with an arc welder probaly not the best

what i have done in situations like that (needed to get some new exhaust lugs welded onto a65 frame) is i took the bike to the exhaust pipe shop ...those guys have hoists and are really good with MIG welders ...car exhaust tube is way thinner than bike frame tube ........you dont need to fully weld it all the way around so get them to put a couple of say 1/2 inch welds some where you can grind them off easily ............DISCONNECT battery generator/alternator zenner diode depending on what the electrics are before hitting it with an electric welder

20 minutes and a dozen beer job done