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if you get bars like Beach has you will be factory correct for US export .....i only added the bit about the "droop yoke" and clip on cause hey were ok factory option for the Spit and cafe racer style ..........wasnt meaning it had anything to do with your bike ...hope no confusion

Allan above made a good point bout the measurements ................what ever they get called FULL westerns and SEMI westerns are NOT the same

U.S. market BSA bars had an 8-inch rise. U.S. market Triumph bars (late sixties) had a 5-inch rise. The Triumph bars (which I have on my A65 bitsa BTW) may be what were referred to as "semi-Western".

The BSA bars are also "swoopier" than the Triumph bars; i.e., the grips point downward instead of straight out to the sides. The bars in the picture from Baxter's look correct.

here is as close as i can fund to the full western look


the Semi westerns are more like this......not exact but best i can find


but yes what you say ......the full are droopier (good word)

its subtle but they are different