Regarding the alloy oil pump , my 70 did have one of those when i wheeled it out of the show room in early 71 as proud as a peacock. Funny how i got a girlfriend very soon after i got the bike .......i think she liked all the chrome she could look at herself in

Anyway the alloy pump let go in 2005? as a couple of those stupidly inadequate body screws stripped in service ..its failure DID NOT blow the motor AND it would have been repairable , but since i had brought a cast iron pump whilst visiting UK many years earlier i fitted that

SO the shi* metal ally pump actually lasted 35 years

To me the worst thing on the A65s etc. were those Smiths magnetic instruments I think im on my 3rd/4th speedo , but hey one got burnt so i can excuse that one now those instruments sure were a cost cutting measure compared to the chronometrics I have learned how to fix even those now but when i was a young fellow they were completely beyond me

top thread Leon Bee it has been a very interesting and entertaining one