When buying stuff off easy I always check out the "Other items"
If the vendor is selling everything from condomes to maternity bras then they get a broad berth because it is blinding obvious they have no idea about what they are selling ( or the condom customers would not be coming back for maternity bras )

When it comes to published material either in hard print or tortured electron the story is the same .
A web page covering veything that ever rode down the street is bound to be very poorley written unless there is a variety of authors and has taken years to be completed .

Think Roy Bacon or Peter Henshaw .
Cut and paste books loaded with wrong information & loaded opinion.

This tosser obviously has very small genetalia and in order to build up his self esteem decided to publish a lot of rubbish that he obviously nows absolutely nothing about in order tp make people talk about him .
HE is not alone on the web by any means .

The best thing you can do is remove any link to his web page ( including the one here ) and never mention him except by spoken word .
Eventually Google will loose him and he will fade into obsecurity where opinionated morons with massive egos and tiny brains belong .
Even better go to known good quality pages every day.
That pushes them up and sends poo down the toilet where it belongs