Not sure if the writer is a Forum member, but I think for the most part the article is factually fairly accurate. I think one bad decision after another led to BSA's failure. The motorcycle industry was going in a different direction in those days and BSA did not. Their sports car industry went in the same direction.
That never stopped me from liking BSA's, MG's and Austin Healy's and Jaguars.. I just liked them all, and learned how to fix what was wrong. Would love to have a Gold Star or a 100-6 Healy or a XK-120 Jag but I am now down to a single mototcycle to remind me of my love affair with these bikes. My B50 stays in the shed most of the time. I don't frequent the site much more but remember you well for your many posts. I have a few old sailboats I fixed up and spend many afternoons on the water rather than on a country road winding up my BSA.

Keep up the hobby! As long as you love'em, who cares.

Mr Mike