"in 1966 BSA replaced the drive-side (left) caged ball main bearing to a roller race. This removed the positive location of the crankshaft, allowing it to wander from side to side, quickly wearing out the flimsy shims & thrust washer intended to cope with the situation. This usually lead to a spun timing-side main bush, cutting off the oil supply to the crankshaft completely" - well certainly does not appear to know much about the A65. The timing bush is two piece, pinned together and the inside flange has two flats that sit in notches in the case so it cannot lead to a "spun timing-side main bush".
"BELOW: This 1971 BSA A65 Lightning features the black frame. Note the Lightning was the twin-carb hotrod 650." - the picture clearly shows the single carb Thunderbolt.
"ABOVE: The 1971 BSA A65 Thunderbird was the single-carb roadster version." - that is the Lightning.
On the Racing page he has:
"This 1969 Triumph Trident T150 Road Racer was campaigned by the legendary Gene Romero (above)." - I am fairly certain Gene Romero was not riding a lowboy frame triple with alloy slider disc brakes in 1969. Especially one with a headlight and tail light. Maybe it was for Bol d'Or?