Tigernuts, I've been holding off a reply while waiting to hear back from Len. This job was over 10 years ago so unlikely something that would hold up in court, it was also organised entirely over the phone and I don't even remember seeing an invoice. Just a phone call to say it's done pay the money and I'll send it.

Lens response was to tell me it didn't sound like a job he would have done but had I contacted him when issues started to arise he would have sorted it. When I replied that I had contacted him 09 to inform him of just that he decided it was better not to reply. I had to email him again and push him into a response. He accused me of being the kind of guy that tries his luck at getting a free job and washed his hands confirming he would no longer reply to further emails.

Interestingly whilst I would have been quite happy to take my money back there is no way on Gods green earth I would have sent him my head again even to have it fixed for free.