This next week I’m going to be traveling from my home to Northern Georgia. Not passing through any other states. I’ll fill up somewhere along the way.

I’m going to be getting together with a group of like minded friends probably less than 20 of us. I’m going to “try” and keep my distance from those who want me to. It’s hard for me because I’m one of those “ touchy-feely” kinda people. I’ll hug ya in a heart beat and have a habit of putting my hand on you when we talk. I’ll try to NOT do that next week. I will have a supply of masks, gloves and cleaning supplies. I’ll also have a hand washing station set up. Will I wear a mask???? I most certainly will while I’m on the serving line at our cookout. But for the rest of the time I’m probably just going to stay away from folks. We never slowed down at work so we’re kinda getting use to distancing.

But all that said.......having a get together during these times probably isn’t the smartest thing I’ve pulled off but all the attendees know the risk. I’ve done nothing motorcycle related all year, only been on a bike a couple of times. I’m being a bit selfish but I need ( or at least think I need) some me time.

It’s a numbers game and I’ve been known to like to bet on things.

Travel restrictions, I’m on the road 5 days a week, so far I haven’t run into any restrictions. Self Quarantine............heck you can’t get most of these hillbillies to even wear a mask when they are in the hardware store.

Gordon.......who’s always had a little Jesse James in him..still do.

PS......well said Tom, I always put the cart in the rack or take it back into the store.