Nick, I think you over reacted to Gavins comment about the Manual, so many will ask a question before reading the Manual, I’ve even been guilty of that myself. If you read the Manual and go through it properly there is little reason for anyone to ask most questions on the forum.

I could be wrong but I Believe the early rotors are thinner, you might want to check this as it might effect power output.

The above comments are also correct, the Fully Advanced Mark should be right of the TDC mark, as the crank turns in a forward motion it will spark before TDC is reached, as the crank rolls as if it was pushed forward on the ground, the mark right of TDC will reach the top before the other mark will.

If the magnet is good on the other rotor, fit that... otherwise buy a new one, it’ll save you a lot of headaches.

Also, if your timing light has an advance dial on the back, turn it fully left and glue it in position, some (least mine does) has the habit of moving too easily and you find the timing is way off when you have set it. A glue gun is ideal for the job wink