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Thanks, i understand the timing and the advance. Not asking about that.
I must have a problem getting my message across.
I like having the 34 degree advance mark and the TDC mark visible as a reference knowing that at idle the pointer will be a bit counter clockwise from TDC.
I suppose it would be smarter to make a mark at 10 degree BTDC (34 minus 24) where timing should be at idle but as I have been reminded several
times here it is the full advance point that is critical.
As NickL mentioned this is only a start point and many variables such gasoline used, carb setup,compression, altitude, etc., etc. will effect and determine the best points timing. Can I get an "Amen"?
Looked back through this whole thing and looks like you're sure of timing marks being correct and it strobed at your mark. If all these thing are correct, why don't you just ride it and enjoy. If you're not sure of timing marks, use piston stop and degree wheel to verify.