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Spend a couple of hundred bucks on an electronic ignition and life will be simpler.
Hmm, not necessarily. If the timing marks are non-existent then it's possible that nothing is lining up. Nothing will line up with EI either. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big proponent of EI but replacing points with EI shouldn't be "to make it work" but rather "to improve on the working process".

If replacing the points with EI helps in this case, then the original parts were wrong (either points or AAU) and a different set would have helped as well.

You can get it running with an EI by putting a screwdriver down the plug hole and marking it at somewhere around 8mm.
It's a bloody site easier than messing with the points cam, replacing springs, checking wear on advance assembly etc..
When i see a points plate/mech advance that isn't worn or clapped out on one of these old crates i'll advise to use it.