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I doubt the heat wrap will do anything meaningful. On a data logger it was 5hp, not much and it rusted stainless pipes before I pulled it off. When I say 5hp it is a lot when you are chasing it, but not much different just riding around. It was the easiest restoration of 5hp taking it off.

I guess that's a limited test, but cured me.

Also, because one Triple did over 170mph at Daytona doesn't mean they all did or will.

Mark, are you saying that you gained 5 hp with heat wrap?

I have not seen that kind of claim, but there might be some advantage to heat wrap because the heat wrap insulates thus increasing temperature and hence speed of sound. Getting the sweet spot for the return negative wave to occur at TDC to help scavenge the exhaust and draw in more air/fuel mixture will be affected by the speed of sound for any given length. This will depend, of course, on the length of your exhaust.

And your comment about Triples is right on, as bikes at Daytona doing 170 mph is not comparable to land speed racing because it's reported that bikes coming off of the high banking on turn 4 definitely increase speed thru the speed trap.


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