Hi All,

Have a 48 Ariel 500 Twin Field Master I am attempting to get a "semi" oil tight primary on and have some queries.

Crank Seal: The old Crank Oil Seal was rock hard and have sourced replacement parts from Draganfly. My question is this seal doesnt appear to be retained to the inner primary at all? I can see the old seal has been spinning with the crank marring the inner primary and I don't see any way that it was previously retained? What am I missing here?

Gearbox Seal The old seal was "Fit" to the inner primary however the inner primary has a taper, obviously the seal does not, something doesn't seam right here either?

Links to Images here:

Crank Seal 1
Crank Seal 2
Crank Seal 3
Crank Seal 4
Crank Seal 5
Gearbox Seal 1
Gearbox Seal 2
Gearbox Seal 3


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