Hi all,

My 1966 Lightning has the chromed steel rear brake plate with the 42-6045 brake lever and 68-7054 outrigger strap, which serves as an anchor point for rear brake lever spring. I have attached a photograph of the assembly.

When I am reinstalling the brake lever is there some trick to getting the brake lever splines onto the brake camshaft while obtaining the correct tension on the return spring, which I believe is there to counteract the weight of the brake pedal pulling on it?

I'm having a bit of a struggle getting it on at the moment. Not helped by the bike being on the floor and me not being able to kneel down at the moment, due to recent knee surgery. As soon as I am fit enough I will get he bike on my hydraulic lift table and have a proper go.

Cheers, Kev E

1966 Rear Brake Detail.JPG