[Linked Image]Last year when I attempted to hold a "Reunion Camp" I also tired to find the "BRICK".

Back in 2003 we as a group donated money for Morgan to come over from Sweden to attend Mid-Ohio. We picked Mid-Ohio instead of the TSMR because of what was offered at that event at the time.

I think overall it was a success. Bless Mike Carter for Hosting Morgan down in Florida for the rest of his trip.

Morgan being the clever fellow that he is "loaded" his luggage with stuff he could leave here in the US so he could take different stuff back with him to Sweden. One of the things he brought with him was the "BRICK". Many years back Morgan had visited the BSA factory site in the UK and had recovered a few bricks from the site......this was one of them. At the event........Morgan gave that brick to me. Told me I could do whatever I wanted to do with it. Sell it to help cover cost.....whatever. Well, I already owned one of those bricks (later given to Wade as a gift) so I came up with the idea that we would make it a traveling trophy given each year to the bb.com member that had been the most positive member during the year.

Fast forward to last year. I was trying to have a Mid-Ohio reunion with the help of my NC/GA friends and I tried to locate the BRICK so I could display it at the camp. No luck finding it so I'm asking here.

I would like to get it back since I haven't heard about it being passed around for several years. I will gladly pay shipping........no problem there.

It will eventually go back to Morgan for his Musuem along with the BSA Dealer's watch he gifted me a couple of decades ago.

So...........if you have it and are willing to let it go (as it was meant to be) I would love to have it back.

Gordon Gray
162 Dogwood Lane
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

I'll return the postage.

Thanks in advance.........Gordon

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