Hi everyone,

I have received a moderator notification regarding junk email being sent to a member since adding their email address to a post several years ago.

We can not be held responsible for members posting their own email address on a public forum and then have their email address used by those sending junk mail.

If you think that you may have done this then you must edit your post containing your email, but I would also doubt that this would stop you getting junk email.

It is not the job of the moderator to do this (though we will help as best as we can and when able). We do not work full time for the forum and spend a lot of time reading all the current posts. On this occasion I will remove the thread in relation to what a member had contacted me about. But if you are able to find your existing post then your also able to amend said post!

If you need to send your details to a member, please do so via a private message, if the member your trying to contact has a full inbox then you can always ask them on the main forum to empty their inbox so you can contact them. This is the only way to prevent your details being used by trackers and other systems crawl the World Wide Web.

In addition, if you send a “inform moderator” report. We are unable to reply back to your notification. Especially if you have blocked private messages coming in!!! If you want us to be able to send you follow up information then please contact us via a pm also or instead of.

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