"Restoration Kit" For EMGO Throttle Assembly's (99-0351) by CBS

[Linked Image from live.staticflickr.com]

Anyone here own an EMGO 99-0351 throttle assembly?

If so, we have a new part that will make your throttle a little more "correct"

Every time we ship an EMGO 99-0351 throttle assembly here we always get saddened of how such a good looking replica part is quickly drowned out by the top Allen head screws

No one likes to see Allen heads screws on a Brit Bike, especially on your bars..

We now offer a kit that features 2 "flat head" screws that are then Cadmium plated to retain an original look

Our "kit" will only work with the dual-pull EMGO 99-0351 throttle assembly only

To be clear, these screws are not off the shelf items, Kyle has to machine each piece here on the lathe to allow each screw to fit the housing properly

Should you be interested, please click on the link below