BritBike forum has been online since 1996, It's a labour of love to serve the British motorcycle community. If you wish to contribute feel free to offer a cup of coffee or upgrade your membership and in return receive extra benefits. See examples below.

With upgraded membership you can -
  • upload photos/images/files with forum posts: YES
  • upload photos/images to Gallery: YES
  • select a stock avatar: YES
  • specify a remote avatar: YES
  • upload your own avatar: YES
  • set a custom title: YES
  • view member profiles: YES
  • email posts to others: YES
  • use [img] tag in signature: YES
  • create calendar event: YES
  • extra length of signature: 600: YES
  • use more private topics in PM: 100: YES
  • use more private posts in PM: 100: YES
  • enable member group image/icon in profile: YES
  • edit posts longer than default 24 hours: YES
  • delete posts longer than default 24 hours: YES
  • post without having to fill in a CAPTCHA form: YES

How to upgrade - register as member - login to your account - click on the membership icon you chose to join - follow the instructions there.
[Linked Image] = one year recurring membership!
[Linked Image] = five years non-recurring membership!
[Linked Image] = life membership - whatever ends first man or machine! For this option send email to admin!