New Front Fork Restrictor Locking Tool By CBS

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Those that have rebuilt Triumph forks understand that locking the bottom fork restrictor can be a challenge

There are a couple things when locking the restrictor that need to be noted

-How to prevent the restrictor from spinning
-How to properly locate and index the restrictor slots

Locating the restrictor slots and preventing the restrictor from spinning can now be done in a quick and easy manner by a new tool that Kyle has developed

This tool simply threads into your bottom drain screw and catches onto the tapered slot allowing you to lock (or loosen) the bottom restrictor bolt

Works with the following applications that have the correct fork legs:

-Triumph Unit 350 / 500 (3TA / 5TA / T100R / T100C / Etc) 1957-1967

-Triumph Pre-Unit 650 (All Duplex Models) & Unit 650 (6T / T120 / TR6 / TR6C / Etc) 1961-1967

Should you be interested, please click on the link below

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