... turned into a bit more.  Simple, right..?

The first sign of something afoot was that thick cork gasket under the cover, three times as thick as the replacements.  Odd I thought then while cleaning the cover and bolts I found that the cover had been weld repaired inside, around the bosses that carry the two sleeve nuts.  Probably due to a previous owner being heavy handed... Dunno.  

Well I happened to have a second engine in pieces that was included in the sale of the T-160 when I purchased it.  An earlier January '75 build. I never did figure out why the seller handed this thing over to me, my T-160 is indeed a matching numbers, March '75 build but hey, parts is parts... 

I rummaged through the bits and found a suitable exhaust valve cover and cleaned it up.  Went to install it and found that the copper sealing washers on the top of the cover would not clear the very edges of the find on the cover.  Not a big ta-do, carefully took the fins surrounding the holes down with a Dremel and flapper wheel. 

Then bolting the cover onto the engine I found that the bracket that holds the stand off for the tach cable was fouled by yet another fin.  Pulled the cover back off and took that fin down flush... 
Always something.  All in good fun in the garage on a Winter day. 

Cheers all,

Exhaust-less Trident...

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