I am trying to sort out some BSA right hand cap type sliders. From parts books I have the cap type right sliders are as follows.

1965 42-5142 has the two studs for fender bracket and stub bit welded on for engaging brake plate. No rod damper hole at bottom

1966 No cap type shown in parts book, only type for 8 inch 1/2 side brake, forks have rod damper hole

1967 I have no parts book. I am assuming rod damper but was there a slider with stub for engaging brake plate or did all the 67 models have the pullout spindle? (190mm or 8" half sided brake).

1968 97-2504 welded tab for top fender mounting and stub to engage TLS brake plate. There is a hole for the rod damper

When I look at the 1965 slider on my T/R the brake plate stub is welded directly onto the tube. Years ago when I tried to use a TLS brake in those forks the peg did not go very far into the brake plate so I changed the sliders. The later slider has a stub with a circular base welded onto the tube. I am presuming the change was made to have the stud stick out further for the TLS brakes.

Can I assume that any right hand cap type slider with the damper rod hole and the extended brake stub will work for a TLS brake?

Thanks in advance


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