On my 72 both the side and center stand need work. The stops on the center stand are hammered so flat and it goes so far past center that both tires are on the pavement. I think I can get the get stops built up with weld and then grind off any excess. Isn't there something called "hard weld" that would last longer. The bolt hole on the lug and side stand are both very egg shaped and the lug is bent. I straightened it once a long time ago but it has bent again. So much so the side stand now rests on the tailpipe when it is down. The bike leans WAY over. I don't know if I should let the lug cool slowly when I heat it or hit it with water. I know I am very hard on the stands. With arthritis in both hips and my right knee the stands are my third "good" leg.

Thought I'd start a new thread on this.

1968 T120R
1972 T120RV
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