Meet Mr Jim

I bought this off Craig's List down in Blairsville, GA. Seller had plans to make a vintage racer out of it but got sidetracked by a '70 model. It already had the Corbin seat, and the seller had most of the disc front end for it. I had to rebuild the caliper and buy a master cylinder. Bought new Shocks and the exhaust too. I also put AMAL Mk2 carbs on it.
I de-coked the head and found +15 on the pistons.
Dude said that it didn't shift well. No wonder, the clutch spring studs were cranked down well proud of the caps.
Runs great, 70psi oil pressure all day long.

Keep your head up and your stick on the ice.

72 T120V cafe project "Mr. Jim"
72 T150V "Wotan"