CBS Oil Rug Mats

Classic British Spares is proud to announce our new range of "oil rug mats"

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Lets face it, all British motorcycles will leak, seep and weep oil at some point during its life.

If you're embarrassed to walk into your garage, parking your bike on the street or at a show only to worry about a puddle of oil on the ground that everyone will talk about then we have an elegant, affordable and practical solution to all your oily problems

Allow us to introduce the "CBS Oil Rug Mat"

Our new quick, clean and convenient oil rug mats are deigned to catch all types of oil that will work its way out of your engine on to the ground

Using the CBS Oil Rug Mat means you can get rid of all those cheesy ways of catching oil and hassle clean up jobs..

-No more oily and saturated rags to keep
-No more ugly "pans" or "tubs" to catch oil
-No more oil stains
-No more fussy clean-up chores

What can I use the "CBS Oil Rug Mat" under?

-Vintage British motorcycles
-Vintage cars or trucks
-Table tops or benches
-Machinery (lathes, mills, etc)
-Garages, car ports or lifts
-Short or long term storage

How does the "CBS Oil Rug Mat" work?

The CBS Oil Rug Mat features an internal felt face followed by a recycled and highly absorbent natural fiber material which is then backed with a barrier layer to minimize and prevent seepage

Over 16 ounces or 40% more of a typical motor coil can be abosered per square foot using out CBS Rug Mat (not reusable)

CBS Oil Rug mats have sealed edges to not only hold and retain oil but to prevent oil from exiting the aborsbant mat unlike others on the market!

Buy 1 Get 1 (any size) 1/2 OFF - Starting @ $14.95

If you're interested in out new "oil rug mats" you can click on the link below

We have 3 sizes to choose from to work with most applications

Free shipping in the USA (lower 48) - shipping available worldwide


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