Baby is my second '74 Triumph T150V Trident. I found her in May 1994 in "Old Bike Journal" for sale near Vergenes, Vt. Brad was the owners name, after some convo on Friday, I sent a check Saturday and Tuesday took off and drove my F-150 760 miles one way getting there and 760 miles home with "Baby" in the bed on Wednesday, big ole Lucas headlight staring me in the rear view.

I still have her, I did do some polishing on the aluminum, she now has Boyer and a electronic Reg/Rec unit and a Carello H-4 headlight and I junked the pod filters and put a new Chrome model filter on and after tiring of the rusty stock pipeset, got Paul Bryant to build what became his first I believe, "Big Bore" one piece pipeset for a T150 and ship to me and with a set of reproduction Dunstall Decibels ... work well. I also did swap in a T140 rear wheel complete, the original 19" wheel is hanging up in the basement.

In the latest pics, you will notice a black box affixed to a simple temporary passenger butt stopper. I hated to put a new battery in service for sporadic rides so I built a box that would securely hold the battery out of one of my Gold Wings and simply drop one in and hook up and go. It is equipped with vent tube and fused 20 amps on 12 ga wires to connect with the original wiring under left side cover. Works great for those few rides. I drain carbs and tank and lines between rides, bike lives in dehumidified heated basement devioid of sunlight.