Don, as you know , fuel octane is rated on a single cylinder test engine with variable compression... In theory 91 octane in NY is 91 octane in California regardless of the additive package. A few stations here sell unleaded 100 street legal gas but most are content with the E10 93. Most stations sell the 90-91 octane non ethanol gas.I know a few Triumph riders using it with no problems...Typically this is a humid climate with average summer temps of 80f

Plugging a scanner into my 2010 Chevy I can access the the engine management, fuel trims, timing and so on. It also shows the ethanol content of the fuel, 8-9 % around here on the E10 fuel. If you have a comprehensive scanner and a late model vehicle see if it shows ethanol content...
That Jeep photo was taken about 10 years ago...The are all sold. This photo was my vintage Chevy trucks circa 2000. All of them are now gone. Just became to much for me to deal with...And a few motorcycles...

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61 hot rod A10, 89 Honda 650NT .On a bike you can out run the demons
"I don't know what the world may need
But a V8 engine is a good start for me
Think I'll drive to find a place, to be surly"