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Hi BAinLA. Great ride!! I love that highway & down (or up) 39. All those highways are just great. Once well sorted these bikes can do the miles & in the heat of summer too.

A long all day ride, but Big Bear Lake is a super fun ride. Take the pavement between the ski resorts at Snow Summit. Many miles of fun easy dirt roads above the ski area. Easy for street bike or even most cars. The views coming down into the valley on way home are stunning! I usually take 330 off 210. The ultimate is take 18 (Waterman) off 210. San Bernardino. Keep eye on fuel level. These bikes suck the gas. Figure only 40mpg. Sadly I don't get down your way much anymore.

You have so many great riding areas there. All year long!

I've done back to back rides on exact same roads same bike version '73 T140 with modern K70 & Road Riders. The difference is really a lot.
Road Rider has decidedly more grip on corners. Allows even me to carry higher speeds on twisty roads. Also the Road Rides are much less prone to follow & give bike the wiggles on rain grooves. Especially the wide deep ones. A very big improvement on the grooves. To me K70 was better feeling on dirt/gravel roads. K70 is decent in rain. I've ridden many miles in rain with K70 even on freeways at speed. I've never ridden Road Rider in rain. I try to avoid scraping the pegs... Scares the pants off me.

Normally pillar bolts didn't have lock washers. Just one or 2 (stacked) flat washers depending on version. If you are running points I'd recommend 36b. About 3/64" off pointer. If you have primary cover with 3 screw access for timing pointer the hash mark on rotor will be 3/64" closer to front wheel from pointer & 3000.

If you install EI & still have ping, run it at 36B. I like to check EI at 4000 even though you'll see it stop advancing at about 3500. EI is better, but can still ping.

What ever happens don't let bike ping at all. I know take off if it's hot & lugs it will give a little ping, that's ok, but while underway if you hear ping at all, down shift & rev motor higher. 50-60 mph is the killer zone in high gear. You let it ping at all, it will hole a piston very quickly. A few things you can do. Any brand of electronic ignition is huge help as full advance is 3500 instead of 2000. Lower compression pistons is also a solution. 2 plug head can work also. The heat of summer & our 91 octane is a piston killer. You can still melt piston with EI as bike will ping in our heat if you lug it. Mixture too lean is a killer as well.

I know a few guys that got the repro Emgo speedos. Look the same but don't say Smiths. They have worked & lasted good. A fraction of the cost of speedo/tach overhaul. If bike is all original the Smiths word is something worth spending $$ on to many. Just throwing the new repro option in the mix.

Do web search. Someone did a very nice tutorial on how they overhauled their Triumph speedo. Luckily on our bikes the rubber cup covers most the chrome ring.

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