Hi Tom, What year Tiger?

What carb? AMAL?

Does it tickle freely? Does slide raise when turning throttle? Remove air filter & look.

With plugs laying on head do you see good spark while kicking?

What ignition? Did you static set timing per instructions?

battery must have full change 12.6 v.

When kicking does it feel normal?

If all the above is yes, you may have washed down rings. Put teaspoon oil down each spark plug hole. Kick motor over about 5 times. Put plugs back in. Tickle until gas streams down side of carb. Try starting with hard kick.

If you put break in oil down plug holes it will not effect or retard breaking in process. I do this oil on top of pistons every time. It will smoke until the excess oil burns out of exhaust. Takes 3-15 minutes or so.

1973 Tiger 750