Hi Stuart -

You said - ". Otoh, available from another British dealer are original Lucas RM23 stators, that do make more power than RM21 at all rpm, for less money than Feked have relieved you of."

I checked around for the Lucas RM-23 at other dealers and found them even more expensive. The cost with 2 grommets and freight to the US. came to $116 with Feked.
I could not find any dealer, in any country, less expensive, but I only checked about 6 places.

I receive great service from all the dealers I have dealt with, but this time I went with the lowest price, with the same product available. Old Brit parts is a very competitive market, as you know.

So, with all help I've been given, I'll wait 'till I receive the stator and see how everything works out.

Thank you all,