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Hi Nick, Steve,
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Normal colour code is;
Red = POSITIVE + normally goes to frame
Ime, no; connecting the Pod Red wire to the frame doesn't serve any useful purpose - there must then be another wire from the frame to battery +ve.

If electrical circuits are going to give problems, it's more often at connections, not in wires. Connecting the Pod Red wire to the frame and another wire to the frame to complete the Pod circuit to battery positive is two connections that don't serve any useful purpose. Hence I advise connecting the Pod Red wire directly to battery positive.

I'm sure the bike has other Red wires connected to the frame. But why would you depend on them for battery charging, and for charging the capacitor to run the ignition when the battery "goes out", when you don't have to?



I should have put the 'normally goes to frame[' in brackets mate. I was just stating that the batt+ is normally connected to frame.
Not to actually connect the reg + there.


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