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I've learnt a bit about Rec/Reg. Thank you!

I think, in my case I will wire it up the same way since both are identical, except that the new one has a capacitor built in.

I'll still run a battery and if the battery fails. I should still get home with the capacitor.

My only question is- Should my battery fail, will I still disconnect the battery?


yes , disconnect the battery
because the failed battery should still be considered a competing or parasitic load
for the meager alternator output at lower RPMs .
you want and need all the power to go to the ignition when kicking over .

If the battery is only discharged and not failed ... it can be hooked back up as soon as the bike is running .
you may not even need to unhook a discharged battery ... the capacitor will help , somewhat with kickstart
even with a discharge battery ( you don't have to unhook anything till you need to unhook it )

how you wire the new R/R can make a difference in how easy it is to disable the battery
and still have the R/R with capacitor still in circuit .