if the bike is wired correctly
no extra fuses are needed other than... the one fuse on the Negitive battery terminal .
( and pulling this fuse allows the bike to run off the capacitor )... within its limited capacity .

without a battery the bike needs no fuse .
the battey is the only dangerous power source ... the alternator is of such limited capacity
the a short circuit immediately drops voltage below ignition support and the engine stops .

the negjtive R/R output is added into the harness
right where the old original finned rectifier output
entered the harness ... ( which is not at the battery ) ...

i think the rectifier wire
was a brown with white stripe ... for a 68 A65
but where it is wired is more important than the wire color
colors change , but the wiring principal does not .

the R/R negitive output
enters the harness ... and maybe up to an ammeter , if there is one , before meeting
and changing color to (a blue/br wire ) and then to the one fuse located at the battery negitive .
( image shows wire color change at/through ammeter)
Brw/w connects to Blue/brw

..[Linked Image from cdn.shopify.com]